2. Sequential Inclusivity

Your hosts Cory and Vinton guide you through issue two of Read Brave, a comics podcast. This issue’s segments include:

Comics recommended this week: Ringside, Harrow County, Pop Gun War Re-release, Moon Knight, Worst X-Man Ever

Thanks to The Scurvies for all the music.

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*BONUS* Crisis on Infinite Podcasts – Captain America Civil War

An off week bonus to Read Brave: Comics
Crisis on Infinite Podcasts – Captain America Civil War

It’s a podcast crossover hit recorded back in March! Join Alastair Stephens of Storywonk, Vinton Bayne of Graphomania, and Sarah Cade of Common Room Radio geeking out about this summer’s MCU blockbuster: Captain America Civil War before it came out. (therefore: SPOILER FREE!)

Special thanks to Alsastair Stephens of Storywonk! Visit him and the lovely Lani Diane Rich over at their website by clicking here.

And special thanks to Sarah Cade of Common Room Radio! Check her out by clicking here.

Cory and Vinton will be back next week with a new episode of Read Brave, a comics podcast. www.ReadBrave.com

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1. Giant-Size Episode #1

Podcast FlyerCory and Vinton host the Giant-Size first episode of Read Brave, a comics podcast. Segments include Sarah (CommonRoomRadio.com) and Vinton discussing how “Comics Should Be Fun!” Joshua Unruh (Girlsplained.com & OkieGeek.com) asking “WTF Golden Age?!” And Vinton finding out “The People’s History of Comics” with Dalton Stuart (GoodTrashMedia.com)

We mention a lot of comics this episode. Too many to link to. But you should go buy THE WRENCHIES!

Thanks to The Scurvies for all the music except the song during WTFGA.

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