40. This Week in Comics – HALLOWEEN!

This week in comics
Thor Ragnarok
Zachary Levi portraying Shazam
Batman Returns on the Excelsior podcast
Mighty Captain Marvel
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #25
Brooklyn 99 star Stephanie Beatriz would love to play America Chavez in the MCU
An all-female superhero MCU film
Scooby-Doo! & Batman: The Brave and the Bold
Daredevil season 3
Vincent D’onofrio’s Kingpin
Runaways trailer
Professor Pyg on Gotham
Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics
Spider-Man video game trailer
Saga Funko Pops!
Stranger Things season 2

Comics last week
All-New Wolverine #26
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #24
USAvengers #11
Jean Grey #8
Amazing Spider-Man #790

Comics coming this week
Captain America #695
Batman #34
Deadman #1
Astonishing X-Men #5
Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #6
Spider-Man #234
Black Bolt #6

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