43. Hamilton Mixtape (Part 2)

This week Robbie and Vinton continue their discussion on the Hamilton Mixtape covering the next five songs: Wait For It, An Open Letter, Satisfied, Dear Theodosia, and Valley Forge.

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2 thoughts on “43. Hamilton Mixtape (Part 2)”

  1. I will try and keep this brief while apologizing for its length.

    1. No John Trumbull – Love this song. My favorite line is “The reality is messier and richer kids.” Showing while this story may not be as neat as a Trumbull painting it is worth more.

    2. My Shot (Rise Up Remix) – Busta Rhymes, nuff said. When he said Hercules Mulligan I may have squealed, fortunately I was alone when I was listening.

    3. Wrote My Way Out – Love, Love, Love Aloe Blacc’s part in this song I sing it all the time. This song shows that just like with Hamilton the power of words and the pen.

    4. Wait for It – I was having trouble articulating how I felt about this song, and you guys did it perfectly. 1) It sounds too technical. 2) It lacks the emotion brought when put in context. 3) Leslie Odom Jr. is just amazing.

    5. An Open Letter – This is such a fun song and maybe my true favorite, I can’t listen to it just once . This is the one cut song I wish would have made it into the show. Ii is such a great representation of Alexander Hamilton’s destructive power with the pen and such a bridge to “1776” and the John Adams miniseries.

    6. Satisfied – I love Sia’s laid back delivery especially when she sings “My name is Angelica Schuyler” And as soon as I heard her start rapping I was like “Oh yeah this is why I fell in love with Queen Latifah.”

    7. Dear Theodosia – Hearing Regina Spektor singing this song made me want to get in bed with my teddy bear and drift off into a bliss filled sleep. The only thing this song need is more Ben Folds.

    8. Valley Forge – Great song, the one part I wish would have made it into the show is “Congress says SADDLE UP attack the British forces, I shoot back we resorted to eating our horses.” Half of it made it into the show but together these lines show how severe the disconnect is with Congress.

    9. It’s Quiet Uptown – I thought by removing the context and the references this song would lose some of it’s power. I was so very wrong. 1) Kelly Clarkson is amazing. 2) Without the references to Hamilton the song becomes much more personal. I foolishly decided to listen to the cast recording version followed by the Mixtape version to compare. When my wife walked by the room and saw me she said “Are you ok?” In between my sobs I said “I’m fine.” I would not recommend any does that.

    10. That Would Be Enough – Not much to say. I either love or am indifferent to Alicia Keys. While there are a few parts I enjoyed for the most part I’m just indifferent.

    11. Immigrants – Immediately loved this song. Beat, Lyrics, Message, Multilingual just awesome. I’ve become obsessed with Snow Tha Product, she is so good.

    12. You’ll Be Back – This felt like a throw away song. Like “We get it Jimmy, You know the Roots.” A couple of ok jokes at the beginning. The one thing I enjoyed was the music It was more Brit than the original.

    13. Helpless – This song is a perfect representation of the inspiration of the show. Ashanti’s vocals and Ja Rule’s growling raps is the contemporary sound that birthed Eliza and Ham’s sound.

    14. Take A Break (Interlude) – This is a good Interlude to bop your head to and set up the next series of songs.

    15. Say Yes to This – I love having Maria’s perspective. I don’t think it adds anything story wise but it is just a fun juxtaposition. My favorite part is when Jill Scott says “it appears you are on some BS” I have heard so many woman (and men) say this so many times in my life. I laughed when I heard it.

    16. Congratulations – This is the perfect song for the show that has no place to put it. After the Reynolds Pamphlet you have to go straight to Eliza. The only thing Lin could do is cut it down and place it in the Reynolds Pamphlet. It is Interesting to note that this 1 of 2 cut songs that isn’t a demo but a full song.

    17. Burn – This is the final song in what I call the Women’s Trilogy. All I can say is Andra Day completely blew me away. When she preformed this at the Richard Rodgers Theater I was floored.

    18. Stay Alive (Interlude) – Another Good Interlude

    19. Cabinet Battle 3 – While good, this would have stopped the show and not sure it would have been able comeback. You walk away from this song and you like no one and no one wins. I do wish the song was fully produced with Chris Jackson, Daveed, and Oak.

    20. Washingtons By Your Side – A good B-Side song for a Mixtape. I find it funny people are now speaking about Washingtons and Hamiltons instead of Benjamins.

    21. History Has Its Eyes on You – This is just a beautiful rendition of this song. John Legend is so good. This song may have ruined La La Land for me. I was excited he was in the movie but found he was woefully under used.

    22. Who Tells Your Story – I enjoy this song I have a hard time separating it from the cast recording it so much. Common is great & Ingrid Michaelson’s voice is haunting. I just miss weeping over Eliza.

    23. Dear Theodosia (Reprise) – Last song, repeat song, must be throw away song, Wrong! This is it’s own achingly beautiful song. You can’t compare it to any of the other versions. This is a song you listen to and when it is finished you realize your face is wet. It is such a delightful way to end the Mixtape.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts! It was wonderful reading through them all. Definitely made some great points and spot on commentary!

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