Earth 405 – Episode 10 – THUNDERSTRUCK 5

​Earth’s mightiest heroes have taken a serious hit, but they’re getting back in the game. Quicksilver and Spider-Man join forces with the Black Widow to rescue Bobbi Morse. They receive intel on the rival team the Thunderbolts. If the Avengers join the fight, will it be their last?

The continuation of THUNDERSTRUCK!
Botch Cast presents #Earth405 with Liz, Sarah and Alan from Common Room Radio, Robbie and Vinton from Graphomania, and Joshua Unruh from the OkieGeek podcast playing a game of the Marvel Heroic RPG.
Joshua Unruh – GameMaster

Liz Stevens – Captain America
Alan Beck – Captain Marvel
Vinton Bayne – Spiderman
Sarah Cade – Black Widow
Robbier Hurlocker – Quicksilver
Special thanks to Alastair Stephens of Storywonk for the “previously on”

#Earth405 fanfic by Joshua Unruh at

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