36. Hamilton’s America (PBS Doc)

This week Robbie and Vinton return and talk about Hamilton’s America the PBS documentary.

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2 thoughts on “36. Hamilton’s America (PBS Doc)”

  1. The musical has helped me come to terms with. Both Chris Jackson and Daveed Diggs mentioned it in the documentary. I now call it “The Jefferson Conundrum.” How do you reconcile a person who does something incredible and inspiring (Declaration of Indendence) and also something horrific (own slaves). After all the accusations came out against Bill Cosby I struggled because he meant so much to me in my youth with my self identity and self worth. Now I understand that both can exist and I can admire the one without condoning the other. This Conundrum can be applied to so many people.

    1. Yes! That’s so true. It is a real problem. There’s that old saying “never meet your heroes.” Saying that even the people you look up to have things about them that will disappoint you. Obviously some of these things can be worse than others. But this musical does do a great job of showing us how we can appreciate and even celebrate amazing accomplishments of people without endorsing the horrible things they may have done. It’s still a fine line and I’m not sure the best way, but this musical shows us it’s possible and ok to do.

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