15. The Room Where It Happens / Schuyler Defeated

Robbie Hurlocker and Vinton Bayne enter the “Room Where It Happens” and witness “Schuyler Defeated”

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2 thoughts on “15. The Room Where It Happens / Schuyler Defeated”

  1. I enjoy the podcast, and have read some of the recommended books (esp. the Sarah Vowell book, which was great). I have two minor points to mention (both irritated me, so I’m sorry that it’s negative). The first is the River in Washington, D.C. is pronounced with a long O, so it’s Pah-TOH-muhk, not Pah-Tah-muhk. So distracting. Also, quid pro quo is such a long-standing phrase, used today in harassment training, etc. It is not famous because of Silence of the Lambs, it is a latin phrase of long standing (well before Hannibal Lechter). The fact that these are such minor comments shows that I greatly enjoy listening and an interested in your insights, but I had to say something. Thanks for doing this, and for mentioning the staging when relevant. I saw the show last year, and can’t always recall the staging as it relates to the lyrics. Thank you.

    1. Oh yeah, Robbie got on to me for saying it was made popular by Silence of the Lambs, but to be fair, it’s what I always think of when I hear it, because it was my first exposure to it and the Hamilton Genius page also makes mention of it with other people upvoting it. To me it just landed to the sinister tone of the song. Robbie definitely knew it from legal speak.
      As far as pronunciation, I’ve said it before, I don’t know how anything is pronounced! haha, I’ll blame it on being from Oklahoma, we don’t pronounce anything right. I’m sure it’s not all I’ve mispronounced. I try to check but the internet is filled with misinformation, so sometimes I don’t bother.
      Glad you are enjoying the podcast and the book recommendations! Thanks for the comment and the correct pronouciation! And you’re welcome, we love doing it.

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